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PVC Strip Curtains Calculator

What Are PVC Strip Curtains?

PVC Strip Curtains are used for internal and external thermal partitions, as a barrier against fumes, dust or flying insects, birds etc. They may also be used to reduce noise levels between factory production areas and in warehouses. PVC Strip Curtains are made from high quality, low toxic, Cadmium free PVC material offering extremely good clarity and consistency of colour and dimensional tolerances.

Simple – 3 ways to order

  1. Complete kits – Made to measure, priced per m2.
  2. Rolls – Full 50m rolls of PVC strips.
  3. Strips – Replacement strips priced per linear metre complete with a fitted hanger.

Ease of Installation

Full door kits are easy to install and come complete with instructions.

When you order strips by the metre hangers are already included. So you don’t have the hassle of attaching them yourself, making repairs a straight forward and cost-effective process.

Save Money

Being able to order individual replacement strips with fitted hangers means reduced maintenance costs and a reduced risk of damage during fitting.

Also, order a full door kit specified to your requirements to reduce wastage.

Calculate Your PVC Strip Curtain Kit

1. Fixing

PVC Strip Fixing Types

2. Strip Width

Width of the PVC Strip

3. Overlap

How much should each strip overlap

4. PVC Type

What type of curtain are you looking for? See above for specification info.

5. Hanging Rail

Do you require a hanging rail with your curtain?

6. Red Marker

Would you like two red strips at either side of the curtain for increased visibility?

7. Frame Width (m)

We make Face fixing curtains slightly wider than the door frame, to ensure sufficient insulation. (80mm either side for 200mm wide strips, 90mm for 300mm, 100mm for 400mm.)

8. Frame Height (m)

We add 30mm to the frame height for Face fixed curtains.


Need help?

Speak to one of our trained Sales team members about your project by calling 0116 240 1088.


Thermal Insulation

PVC one of the best thermal insulators because it is water and air tight. Due to PVC’s low thermal conductivity, strip curtains can help save energy costs.

Sound Reduction

Loud working environments can trigger tiredness and the risk of misunderstandings in communication.

PVC Strip Curtains can be used as a sound absorber and noise insulator to protect workers from high volume.

UV Stabilised

Ultra violet light can break down polymer chemical bonds, degrading transparency and performance. PVC Strip Curtains contain UV stabilisers to inhibit polymer degradation by absorbing and dissipating harmful radiators.

Technical Specifications

Cadmium Free

Silicone Free

Chemical Resistant

REACH compliant

Abrasion Resistant

High quality PVC

-40ºC to +50ºC

Welding Strip EN 1598