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Convenient and Cost-Effective
Cable Wrap

We extrude a range of high-quality cable wrap products here in the UK,
and can even make them to your specification.


What is SpiralFlex?

SpiralFlex is our range of spiral cable wrap. It offers quick and simple protection for cables, hoses, or multi-lines. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from hydraulic to pneumatic, and to electrical cables.

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SpiralFlex HD

For Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications

SpiralFlex HD is a hydraulic hose spiral wrap, offering quick and simple protection to all types of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.

Made from durable HDPE, easily deployed to new or existing assemblies, without the use of any tools.

Available in yellow, red and black, with other bespoke colours and lengths available upon request.

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SprialFlex Nylon

For Automotive and Electrical Applications

SpiralFlex Nylon is nylon spiral wrap, made from the highest quality PA12, easily deployed to new or existing assemblies, without the use of any tools.

Available exclusively as black spiral cable wrap, with bespoke lengths available upon request.

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Why Choose SpiralFlex?

Abrasion and Crush Resistant – SpiralFlex is a heavy duty spiral cable wrap, made from high-quality HDPE and PA12 (Nylon) which offer cost-effective protection from abrasions and crushing, helping to prolong the life of equipment.

Smooth Edges – To keep your equipment safe, SpiralFlex is manufactured with smooth, round edges and surfaces to prevent damage to equipment during use and mounting.

Temperature and Chemical Resistant – SpiralFlex is able to withstand a wide temperature range, from -40ºC up to +138ºC. The range is also suitable for contact with hydraulic fluids, such as glycol and phosphate-based products.

Bespoke – We’re able to offer bespoke lengths and colours upon request, subject to volumes.

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Environmentally Conscious

Our range of spiral cable protectors is not only made in Britain but also from 100% recycled materials. We process our own HDPE and Nylon waste, which is then extruded and cut into spirals at our factory.

Both products also come in handy recyclable dispensing cartons for ease of use.

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About Copely

Copely has been a manufacturer of hose, tube, and profiles for over 50 years. SpiralFlex is an addition to our specialist range of products, which is a reflection of our technical ability, creating products for a wide array of unique and specialist applications.

Our products are also made and manufactured right here in Britain. Not only are we able to guarantee quality products, but we’re also able to have a closer relationship with our customers, enabling us to provide stock and bespoke options within short lead times, whilst also providing full customer support and technical advice.

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