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Reinforced Green Garden Hose

GH Series

RoHS RoHS 3 Compliant
dehp-free DEHP Free
Temperature Range Working Temperature
Made in Britain Made in Britain

Copely’s best-selling ‘white label’ product. This reinforced green garden hose can be found across the country in gardens and retail outlets. It is renowned for its flexibility, performance, and reliability. The design incorporates Copely’s durable reinforcement technology for a longer lifespan.

Made in the UK – you can trust that the hose has been made from higher quality materials, under better conditions, and with superior workmanship to those imported from Asia. Order what you need, and have it delivered in days rather than weeks.

Why are garden hoses usually green?
The colour green allows for a hose to go unnoticed and blend into lawns. Green is also associated with nature, which goes hand in hand with watering.

green garden hose
green garden hose on hose reel
  • Key Features
  • Sizes
  • Colours
  • Materials
  • Applications
  • Flexible and easy to handle.
  • Effective kink resistance.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Made from Cadmium-free materials.
  • Silicone-free.
  • Suitable for use at -15oC to +60oC.
  • Specially selected high tensile Polyester fiber reinforcement used at the optimum braid angle of 54° 44’(54.73°) creates an effectively balanced pressure hose.
  • Conforms to BS 3746: 1990.
  • RoHS 3 compliant.
  • 12mm & 19mm ID
  • Transparent green outer with black inner
  1. DEHP free PVC inner
  2. Polyester fiber reinforcement
  3. DEHP free PVC outer

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