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A Look Into Our Specialist Hose Range

Copely's Specialist Hose Range

We’re always looking for ways to improve and grow our product range. Our Specialist range of hoses is a reflection of our technical ability. We wanted to create a range of hoses that are innovative, each with a specialist design and suitable for a wide array of unique, specialist applications.

TPE Hose

TPE Hose Specialist Range

We’ve created a pair of hoses, made from rubber PVC alloy (TPE). Not only does TPE provide improved flexibility at low temperatures and a wider resistance to chemicals, but it also feels and looks just like rubber, without the associated negative aspects.

The Gravity Feed Hose is especially resistant to oils, fuels and hydrocarbons. It is ideal for general industrial use, as well as for gravity-fed diesel dispensing systems and agricultural diesel storage. Our Oil, Grease and Solvent Hose is also a great choice for general industrial use, but also for lubricant transfers and ideal for high hydrocarbon environments.

Unreinforced and Reinforced

Reinforced and Unreinforced Hose Specialist Range

Our Aquavend line is ideal for a number of applications, from water transfer to chemical transfer.

This line comes with the option of unreinforced, for flexibility, and reinforced, for more heavy-duty applications.


Multi-Layer Specialist Hoses Copely

We’ve also created a range of layered hoses, for added protection when needed.

Copely were the first in the industry to create a Flexible Dual Containment Hose. Used for the conveyance of water and chemicals, the two layers provide double protection where required. Making it the ideal choice for applications that require increased environmental safety, such as the nuclear fuels industry.

The Specialist range also features a ‘four-layer’ Paint and Fluid Hose, for chemical transfer. Lightweight and flexible, suitable for high-pressure applications, such as spray painting.

Thermoflex has a unique six-layer design with a double polyester fibre reinforcement. Designed to withstand constant temperatures of up to 70°C, with peaks of 80°C, it is suitable for high-temperature washdown applications, such as dairy/animal farming and food processing.

Thin Walled Tubing

Thin Walled Tubing Specialist Range

We also offer a range of thin walled tubing, multipurpose and ideal for medical and transfer applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a thin walled tube, used for a wide range of applications. Excellent resistance to chemicals and a wide temperature range, it is suitable for fuel and lubrication lines, chemical transfer and much more.

Low Density Polyethylene is a low-cost solution for an extensive range of applications, for use in ambient conditions. Ideal for fluid transfer applications, from the conveyance of beer and soft drinks to scientific and pharmaceutical chemical transfer.


Space Saving Marine Specialist Hose

In some applications, space-saving is an important factor. Marine Superflat is a compact and space-saving flat hose, a popular choice for the caravan and marine industry, where storage space is an important factor. Lightweight and user-friendly, it is ideal for the conveyance of water and comes with deluxe quick-release fittings and an easy to handle dispensary wheel.

Spiral Wrap Cable Protectors

Spiralwrap Cable Protectors Specialist

Our spiral wrap cable protectors are a cost-effective solution to help prevent shocks, abrasions and deterioration. SpiralFlex HD is suitable for a wide range of applications, from hydraulic to pneumatic to automotive applications. SpiralFlex is also available in Nylon PA12, ideal for more electrical and commercial uses. Both SpiralFlex HD and SpiralFlex Nylon are made from 100% recycled materials.

For more information about any of our products, please feel free to contact our sales team at or your account manager.

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