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Our New Reels and Submersible Pumps Range

copely reels and submersible pumps range

Alongside our ever-growing range of hoses and tubes, we’ve now introduced a brand-new range of hose reels and submersible pumps. Available in a number of different sizes and colours, and suitable for a variety of applications, from industrial to domestic uses.


Hose reels are a handy way to keep hoses stored away neatly and prolong their lifespan. The hose is wrapped around the drum of the reel, helping to keep the hose free from kinks and tangles. Our range of reels come with their own hoses in a number of lengths, with the open of either enclosed or open frames.

Enclosed Frames

Our PRO x 30M reels feature enclosed frames and are available in two different options. An option for water applications (green) and an option for air applications (blue). These reels come with their own 30-metre hose, which is kink-resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The enclosed frame also features a retractable design, making storage quick and easy. Supplied with a mounting bracket, output hose click connector and water gun as standard. Also available with a 20-metre hose.

17 metre retractable hose reel in a variety of colours

Our 17 Metre Retractable Hose Reel is available in a number of colours and comes with its very own PVC hose. Suitable for air applications, this reel features a strong recoil action with twin rollers, to aid with tangle-free hose retraction. It also comes with a sturdy mounting bracket so the reel can be hung from a wall or workbench.

Open Frames

Our open frame hose reels are designed with heavy-duty reinforced steel construction, making them the ideal choice for more industrial applications, such as air and oil. Available in both 15 metres and 20 metres, these reels come with their own abrasion-resistant hoses. These reels also come with a retractable design, allowing the automatic rewind of the hose. They also feature a spring connector that protects the hose against damage when pulled and stretched.

Like our encased hose reels, our open frame reels also come with a mountable bracket, so that they too can be hung on walls or workbenches for convivence. Our open frame units are also brandable, meaning that we can brand these reels with your company name and logo, or another design of your choosing. Bulk orders are also welcome.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are used for moving and/or removing water in submerged locations, such as flooded areas. Submersible pumps function the same as a standard water pump, however, they can be used even when fully submerged underwater.

Our professional submersible pumps are ideal for both industrial and domestic use. Available, we have Clean Water (CWP) Submersible Pumps and Dirty Water (DWP) Submersible Pumps. Both also come with the option of coming complete with a remote float switch or with an integral float.

All of our submersible pumps are fitted as standard with copper wound motors, with a life expectancy of 1500 continuous running hours. They are also fitted with a 10-metre power cord.

This new range of reels and submersible pumps includes a number of different designs, colours, and suitability for a wide variety of applications, from domestic water applications to industrial air and/or oil applications. If you would like to view the full range, you can do so here.

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