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Introducing RHS Everflow® – The Unstoppable Hosepipe

Copely Developments is proud to announce the launch of our new ‘unstoppable water hose’, RHS Everflow®. As a premium quality garden hose, endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, RHS Everflow® features patented Evercore® technology unique to Copely Developments which allows water to continuously flow, even if the hosepipe becomes kinked, crushed or tangled. Click here to see the hose in action!

Of course, all hoses have a tendency to kink and become tangled from time to time. But it is this Evercore® ‘flow protect’ technology which allows the continuous flow of water in all states, whether knotted or crushed making this very special garden hose truly “unstoppable”. RHS Everflow is the only garden hose available to feature such revolutionary technology.

This feature, and the fact that RHS Everflow® is manufactured from super-soft materials, also means it is extremely flexible, lightweight and easy to handle. But, don’t be fooled by its ‘soft exterior’! This is a hose that is ‘built to last’ with excellent durability characteristics, underlined by its 30 year guarantee*.

Green in colour, with an attractive clear stripe and smooth grey inner, RHS Everflow® hose is a smart, practical accessory that discreetly blends in with any style of garden. It is available in 25m, 50m and 100m coils and fully compatible with all UK standard ½” hosepipe fittings.

RHS Everflow® is UV resistant, REACh compliant and free from potentially harmful Phytotoxic chemicals that are still commonly used by some hose manufacturers, making it safe and ‘grower-friendly’. It is manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS 3746 standards.

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