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Copely Developments Ltd
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Pneumatic Polyurethane
Tubing and Coils

We extrude a UK-made range of polyurethane tubing and coils, suitable for
a wide range of applications.


Pneumatic Polyurethane Tube

CPU Series

For Pneumatic and Chemical Transfer Applications

Pneumatic Polyurethane Tube is clear polyurethane tubing, suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pneumatic control systems, which demand a flexible, cut-resistant tube with maximum kink resistance and minimum kink memory.

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clear polyurethane tubing

Polyurethane Compact Coil Hose

CPC Series

For Industrial and Instrumentation Applications

PU recoil hose designed to overcome the limitations traditional nylon preformed coils face. Polyurethane Compact Coils offer excellent resistance to abrasions, oils and kinking, as well as improved flexibility.

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pu recoil hose

About Copely

Copely has been a manufacturer of hose, tubes, and profiles for over 50 years. These pneumatic polyurethane tubes and coils are an addition to our pneumatic range of products, which is a reflection of our technical ability, creating products for a wide array of unique and specialist applications.

Copely is a polyurethane hose manufacturer that makes and manufactures right here in Britain. Not only are we able to guarantee quality products, but we’re also able to have a closer relationship with our customers, enabling us to provide stock and bespoke options within short lead times, whilst also providing full customer support and technical advice.

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