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The Boys’ Brigade cleans up with Aquaflex®

When the 5th Glasgow Boys’ Brigade Company invited Copely to support their fundraising car wash event, we were delighted to be involved and we had the ideal product for the job – new Copely Aquaflex.

Kenny Cumming, Officer in Charge of the 5th Glasgow, takes up the story.

“The annual car wash event at St John’s-Renfield Church is the most important fundraiser of the year for our Company. It enables us to join with all the other organisations connected with the church to help ensure that we have a home for our weekly meetings and that the facilities continue to be available to the wider community for both worship and social activity.

“Copely’s support for this year’s event meant that every penny we collected on the day went to church funds. The brigade is incredibly grateful for the help we receive from everyone and it’s fantastic to be able to give something back.

“And we’re already looking forward to using our Aquaflex for future events – it was the perfect hose for the job!”

Kenny is right. Aquaflex’s professional quality and the highest specification means it’s tough enough to withstand use in high traffic areas, its bright yellow colour is perfect where good visibility is essential and class-leading kink and abrasion resistance make it perfect for intensive use. Add to this a high level of protection against UV exposure and you have a product that will last for years under the most stringent conditions.

This year’s event helped to raise a total of nearly £7,000 for St Johns-Renfield funds!

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