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NEW Colour-Changing Smart Hose

Copely’s R&D team has spent the last 18 months developing a brand new solution to add to its already extensive range of hose and tube products. Today we’re pleased to reveal Thermocon, the next in a long line of extruded solutions uniquely designed and developed to make the every day tasks easier and safer.

Using thermo-chromic technology in a hose for the first time, Thermocon offers the user feedback on the temperature of the fluid or gas passing through it, opening up a huge array of usages across many industries.

‘We’re excited to launch the next innovation and a true ‘one of its kind’ in the conveyance of fluid and gas. We believe that Thermocon will revolutionise the way certain business operate, by offering instant feedback on the temperature of the material in transit.’ Steve Walton, Operations Director


It is the special polymer formula of Thermocon itself that reacts to the heat of the gas or liquid inside, producing a colour change within seconds. At room temperature the hose appears as a neutral grey, before transforming colour in line with temperature. A chromatic card is supplied with each hose to allow the user to monitor the reading to within 2 degrees.

21ºC (room temp)Grey


Thermocon dispenses with the need for expensive and complex thermometer technology, that traditionally measure the material before or after it is conveyed. This new hose allows the temperature to be monitored instantly and without interfering with the material itself, reducing the risk of contamination or inaccurate readings.

Key Features

  • Superior performance in both low and high temperature conditions
  • Tough, flexible and extremely durable
  • Internal diameters available will range from 10mm to 42mm
  • Crush resistant
  • DEHP free
  • Made in the UK

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