Meet Patricia Charles – Your Copely Insider

Hello, my name is Patricia. I’m the internal Sales Account Manager for Copely Developments Ltd based in Leicester, and I have to say, it’s a job I’m relishing. I have over 25 years of Sales and Customer Service experience in a wide variety of sectors from retail, logistics and private healthcare to marketing and now manufacturing, here at Copely.

I can’t believe that I have been with Copely for seven months now. The time has flown by, and my knowledge of the hose and tubing industry is growing every day. I am confident that I have a good understanding of what is important to customers and their needs, and I really enjoy discussing the requirements and recommending solutions to suit a wide range of applications, whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone. (If you are reading this and have a requirement for hosing, then please get in touch.)

It’s not just about new business either. I’m keen to understand why any older accounts may have lapsed, and equally keen to re-establish communication, with the prospect of reigniting a business relationship again. If yours is one of them, I may well be in touch before long, if I haven’t already done so!

The team I work with includes two external Account Managers. John Barraclough covers the North of England and Ireland, and Peter Larkin covers South England. If you’re a customer, we know they’ll be familiar faces! Part of my role includes generating appointments for both Account Managers to visit potential clients. Visits are a great opportunity for clients to see and ask more questions about our product offering, so if you would like to arrange a meeting, then we’d love to hear from you.

Copely Factory

What can I say about office life? Well, no two weeks are ever the same. I spend a lot of time dealing with new enquiries, creating and monitoring quotes and calling customers to discuss their requirements. I report directly to the Operations Director Steve Walton. What he doesn’t know about the world of hoses, isn’t worth knowing! He has great knowledge and great enthusiasm to keep evolving Copely.

In my relatively short time at Copely, I have learnt that there are so many applications for hoses and tubing, whether it’s for commercial or domestic use. Every client has a different requirement, and the most enjoyable part is that they believe in us to deliver what they need.

Away from Copely, my social life is very busy. I am passionate about RnB and soul music. I should say, this is not your everyday soul and it consists of Rare Grooves, Neo soul from independent artists. As I’m a follower of this genre it takes me on travels far and wide, from Manchester to London. I fully enjoy getting involved as I meet lots of new people, and I also organise trips from Leicester to different events working alongside promoters.

You’ll be hearing more from me in the weeks and months to come, with some of the latest news from Copely.

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