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Get Set for Spring with Copely’s Range of Watering Products

With Winter now settling in, we’re already starting to look ahead to the New Year. Spring is only a few months away and that means people will soon be back outside enjoying their gardens before you know it. Spring also welcomes back gardening and horticulture enthusiasts, who are looking for new ways to improve their gardens.

Spring Plants

Surveys have shown that over the past few years, the interest in horticulture has continued to increase since 2015. Millennials are playing a big part in boosting the popularity of gardening. With trends such as veganism gaining momentum, gardening and horticulture are piquing the interest of 18-to-34-year-olds, looking to add healthily earth-grown foods to their diets. Surveys have shown that there has been a 7.5% increase since 2015 in people growing their own vegetables at home, taking the worth of home-produced vegetables from £1.2 billion to £1.3 billion in 2016.

People are also looking to put more time and effort into their gardens. While the housing market continues to grow and house prices increase, more and more people are becoming less willing to move to a new house and instead are opting to focus on and improve what they already have, and that includes their gardens.

This year we have established Copely’s most comprehensive range of gardening products yet. We are always thinking of ways to develop our range to benefit the consumer, but more importantly, how we can make life easier for our trade partners. We are committed to working alongside resellers to ensure you have the stock in place throughout the season and the tools to market the range effectively. The latest version of our audio-visual FSDU for Everflow is popping up in more and more garden centres across the UK due to the impact it is having on sales.

The Unstoppable Water Hose

Everflow Hose

The RHS Everflow Water Hose is our expert premium, high-quality garden hose, endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. The RHS Everflow has been developed with Evercore, ‘Flow Protect’ technology exclusive to Copely that ensures that water flow cannot be cut off even with kinks, knots and heavy weight strains obstructing the hose. The RHS Everflow is lightweight and flexible, with a 30-year guarantee, ideal for both domestic and professional use.  As mentioned above, our RHS Everflow hoses also come with an attractive and hassle-free FSDU, guaranteed to catch the eye of customers.

Everflow Display

Cost-effective Garden Watering

Everflow Evergreen Hose

The Evergreen Reinforced Garden Hosepipe is our most popular product yet. Renowned for its flexibility, performance and reliability, this kink and abrasion-resistant hose is perfect for both domestic and professional use. The hose also incorporates Copely’s Spiralap technology, ensuring a longer lifespan.

For the Gardening and Landscaping Pro

Aquaflex Irrigation Hose

Perfect for the start of the irrigation and watering season, as well as for the serious gardener, is our Aquaflex Professional Irrigation Hose, an all-terrain, heavy-duty hose. It’s high-quality and versatility make it ideal for a variety of uses from general gardening and horticulture, to landscaping and construction.

Please feel free to contact us, via phone or email, with any queries about our products or order placements. If requested, one of our reps can even come and see you, to discuss with you why our products are right for you.

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