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Copely Hose Donation to Cultivating Communities

At Copely, we love nothing better than to get out and about in the local neighbourhood supporting community projects where possible – especially when it involves ‘talking hoses’, more specifically ‘garden hoses’!

I recently had the pleasure of going along to meet Keith Yates who runs the Cultivating Communities allotment project located in the grounds of Fullhurst Community College in Leicester. A key aim of the project is to increase access to healthy and affordable food by empowering local families to grow fresh fruit and vegetables using sustainable methods.

everflow garden hose

Joined by my colleague, Ollie, from our Marketing department (who won the job of being ‘Chief Photographer’ for the day) it was great to find out more about some of the superb work this group is doing.

(Now at this point, I should say that we weren’t just having a ‘jolly day’ out of the office; we were there on ‘official Copely business’ having recently donated some Everflow garden hoses to the group.)

Garden Hose

We were given a warm welcome by Keith. He walked us over to a plot of land where the allotment is situated. I have to say, it was very impressive!

Keith, the Managing Director of ENSTRUCT Training, explained that Cultivating Communities is open to everyone in the community and encourages people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in the project. It’s perfect for those who fancy learning how to grow their own produce. The group apparently, now has some 15 members.

Patricia and Keith

Keith went on to explain that the project is not exclusively for the local residents. It is also helps and supports many young people across Leicestershire who are not academically motivated. The work they do is fantastic. Apparently, it gives these young people a real sense of achievement as they grow their own produce.

It was interesting to hear about all the fruits and vegetables, but I have to confess, some I’d never heard of before. (Note-to-self, ‘must eat more sustainably produced fruit and vegetables!)

Cultivating Communities

The recent Harvest Festival had apparently benefited from the ‘fruits of their labours’, which was lovely to hear.  And it was also good to know that our Everflow hoses had come in very handy for this not-for-profit organisation which actively promotes ‘grow your own’ and ‘healthy eating’.

The hoses donated by Copely have been very well-received.  We had some great feedback from Keith, who explained how their old hose was forever kinking, reducing the water flow pressure.  A frustrating problem that many gardeners can relate to.

Keith and Patricia

With Everflow, even if the hose becomes kinked or tangled, its patented ‘Evercore’ technology means that water keeps flowing. This, as well as its overall quality and ease of handling features, is why so many gardeners are now using Everflow. If you didn’t know already, Everflow is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, which is an excellent seal of approval.

The good news is, that by donating two hoses, the project can now involve another person to help maintain the allotments. Needless to say, we have been delighted to show our support for this local community project.

There will be more from me soon.  Please get in touch with us to find out more about our garden hose range, all manufactured by Copely Developments in the heart of Leicestershire.

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