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Whilst everyone was winding down for Christmas at the end of last year, we were busy working away on a brand new website, and it launched just before we shut down for the holidays. You may not have had time to see the changes just yet, so we’ve written this blog to give you a rundown of all of its new features.

New Products

Our most exciting change is that, along with the revamp, we’ve also debuted a number of new products to some of our ranges.


In our Specialist hose range, we’ve introduced a new Oil, Grease and Solvent Hose, suitable for a number of applications from industrial to construction to agricultural. We’ve also debuted our ThermoFlex hose, designed for high temperature wash down applications.

Our Pneumatic range also includes the Weld Spatter Tube, able to handle the harsh conditions of welding applications. Made from flame retardant PVC, it is self-extinguishing and able to withstand weld spatter and sparks.

We’ve also added two new hoses to the Suction and Discharge range: Wire Reinforced and SuperClear, two highly flexible hoses, designed with complete transparency, making them both ideal for the food industry.

Along with these new products, we’ve also introduced a SpiralFlex range, a cost-effective solution designed to protect all types of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses from shocks, abrasions and deterioration.

We’ve also branched out to debut a new range of accessories to our product line. Alongside our hose assemblies, we now also have available a selection of reels and submersible pumps. These reels and submersible pumps are available in a number of sizes and for various applications.

New Product Navigation

Customers kept telling us that it wasn’t so easy to find the right product for their needs, so we rebuilt it from the ground up.


With the help of the new product navigator, it’s now easier than ever to find the ideal product. This clean and simple tool will you help you to narrow down your search by category, application, material and feature.

New Visuals


You may have noticed that our already existing products have also been given a new look. All products now feature 3D visuals that reveal a closer look at the construction, material and design. With these visuals, it’s now possible for our customers to see the complex engineering behind every solution, which makes picking out the right product all the more easier.

New Technical Data

Before our revamp, the technical side of things, when it came to our products, already appeared complex enough, so we’ve improved how we present our technical data to our customers.

Most products now feature data tables and charts, which allow you to work out the internal and external diameter, maximum working pressure, minimum burst pressure, weight per meter and bend radius.

These tables and charts are also interactive, making it quick and easy to find the right specification to match your requirements.

New Product Guide

Alongside the website, we’ve also launched a brand new product guide. At 92 pages, it’s our largest guide to date and contains a host of new features, similar to the website.


Along with new products, visuals and data, the product guide also features categories to make navigating our extensive product range easier. Our Chemical Resistance Chart, an invaluable resource for finding out how various materials perform with different chemicals, has also been added to the guide.

To help customers narrow down their search in the product guide, we’ve also included a handy standards index and a conversion table, exclusive to the product guide.

Want to download our new product guide? You can do so here!

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