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Which Hose Can Withstand the Coldest Day of the Year?

Even though Christmas is over, the winter is here to stay for at least another two months. January 14th was expected to be the coldest day of the year (so far) for 2018. The average temperature in the UK is anticipated to be -6.9°C, but temperatures throughout the month are expected to drop as low as -8.4°C in the West Midlands, among other areas.

Coldest Day of the Year

But even with the icy weather settling in, it doesn’t mean your business can simply stop working until Spring comes around. You need reliable functioning equipment throughout the year, whatever the conditions.

You might ask which one of our hoses can withstand the coldest day of the year, but the answer is that all of our hoses are able to handle this kind of temperature! However, some are more suited to low temperatures than others.

The Extraflex Reinforced Water Hose


Our most popular hose for agriculture, the Extraflex, is more than able to handle the cold British weather, withstanding temperatures as low as -15°C, allowing it to retain its flexibility no matter the weather. Incorporating Copely’s Spiralap technology, the Extraflex has improved longevity and performance in all climatic conditions. The Extraflex is compatible with all leading brands of water hose fittings and is designed with effective abrasion resistance and kink resistance, making it the ideal hose for irrigation and industrial use.

Polyurethane Tubing


In case you were wondering which of our hoses can withstand the coldest temperatures, then that would be the Polyurethane Tube, of the CPU series. This hose can retain its flexibility even in temperatures down to -50°C! This tube has maximum kink resistance and is easy to fit in confined spaces, making it ideal for industrial sectors with applications such as pneumatic control systems, fuel and lubrication lines, and chemical transfer tubing.

The RHS Everflow® Water Hose

RHS Everflow Garden Hose

There’s no need to neglect your domestic outdoor jobs with the Everflow®.The Everflow garden hosepipe can handle temperatures down to -20°C, which means that if one of your resolutions for this year was to tend to your garden more, there’s no excuse to not start now! The Everflow hose is perfect for domestic and professional use and is developed with Evercore® technology, exclusive to Copely, which ensures a constant flow of water, even if the hose becomes knotted or kinked. This means that you can quickly get your outdoor jobs done without the added hassle of hose maintenance.

If you’re looking for hosing or tubing that can keep up with Britain’s cold weather, whether it be in a professional environment or a domestic one, Copely has a range of hoses and tubes that can help.

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