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What it means to be a British Manufacturer

Copely Developments Ltd has been established as a manufacturer of thermoplastic hose, tube and profiles in the UK for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on partnership, excellent customer service and high-quality products.

We continue to invest in new innovative products to suit our customers’ requirements; the latest, a premium quality garden hose endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. RHS Everflow® contains ground-breaking technology that allows water to flow continuously, even if the hose becomes kinked, crushed or knotted. This product has been developed with the British public in mind, eliminating the age-old problem of hosepipes that kink and cause the water pressure to drop or stop altogether. Using our Evercore® technology the RHS Everflow® water hose completely overcomes this frustrating issue.

RHS Everflow® is UV resistant, REACh compliant, DEHP and DiBP free. This ensures our product doesn’t contain any potentially harmful phytotoxic chemicals that are still commonly used by some hose manufacturers, making it safe and ‘grower-friendly’. It is manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS 3746 standards.Our thermoplastic products are manufactured with UK sourced fully traceable materials to minimise any risk of product issues. Hose, tubing or profiles imported from overseas, from countries with little or no regulations, often results in the products containing much lower quality and potentially harmful or toxic materials that are restricted in the UK or Europe. Our background and UK based supply chain provides complete peace of mind for our customers who otherwise may be concerned about the material contents of products they source.

We aim to keep building our brand as a reputable British manufacturer whose products, service and expertise stand out from the crowd. We believe that being a manufacturer based in Great Britain allows us to have closer relationships with our customers, enabling us to be more flexible with our manufacturing capability, providing stock and bespoke products within short lead times, whilst always providing full customer support and technical advice.

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