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Aquaflex scores well at Lutterworth Athletic Football Club

Hello again and welcome to the second instalment of my blog, which is going to be a regular feature. Before I go any further, I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the interest in my opening blog. It’s a great platform for me to share all the latest updates from Copely.  There is always something happening here – we certainly don’t stand still for very long and on a personal level, I’ve been rather busy. I have been taking great delight in speaking to our existing customers and welcoming new business accounts.  There’s certainly nothing dull about hose manufacture, and a lot more to it than meets the eye!

In case you think I’m cocooned in my office with my telesales hat on, that’s not quite true. They do let me out from time to time! I recently visited Michael English, Chairman of the Lutterworth Athletic Football Club.  “What’s that got to do with hoses?” I hear you cry. Well, Copely likes to support ventures in the local community as and when we can, so when our Operations Director, Steve Walton, was contacted by Michael to ask more about our Aquaflex irrigation hose for watering the pitches, he quickly spotted an opportunity to get involved. We duly sent Lutterworth Athletic Football Club some 50m coils of our fabulous Aquaflex hoses to try, with our compliments to show our support for the Club.

Aquaflex provided by Copely for Lutterworth Football Club

So, this is what took me on my outing to Lutterworth Athletic Football Club, to find out how they were getting on with the Aquaflex hose, and to learn a little more about the Club.

Michael explained that Lutterworth Athletic Football Club has been established since 1983 to provide the children and the youth of surrounding villages with the opportunity of playing local league football. It is non-profit-making organisation, and that’s why we were keen to show our support.

Lutterworth FC

It was actually during the summer holidays when I met Michael, so there were a number of children doing summer camp activities on the day, all football related. The Club itself is set on a large stretch of land which holds five pitches. Michael took me out to a new refurbished pitch where the Aquaflex hose was being used with a sprinkler system at the time. They were using two of the 50m coils of Aquaflex in the areas where the ground needed water the most, and it certainly seemed to be doing its job well.

A key feature of Aquaflex is its durability and water flow performance in all climates, which makes it ideal for pitch irrigation, as well as many other watering applications. It’s actually manufactured from a braiding technique unique to Copely, and is really flexible to use and kink-resistant. So, when you want a heavy-duty, high-performance hose, Aquaflex certainly should be a consideration.

Lutterworth Athletic Football Club

I asked Michael what had drawn him to Aquaflex. He explained they used to buy hoses from Travis & Arnold over the years, as we know to be Travis Perkins today. Copely was a name that had been recommended to him, and being a local hose manufacturer, he checked out our website and got in touch with us. To sum up, he is very happy with the product and the support the Club has received from Copely, as you can see from some of the photos we took on the day of our visit.

They’ll be more from me next month.  And if you’re interested in Aquaflex, you can read more about its many features and benefits here.

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