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A Comprehensive Range of Watering Solutions

Copely Developments has been producing garden hose for the retail sector for many years and is recognised as a trusted UK-based manufacturer of both quality watering and irrigation products. We are proud to release a comprehensive range of products for the coming season.

Copely’s gardening product range took a leap forward in 2015 with the addition of Everflow®, the ground-breaking ‘unstoppable’ hose. Using patented Evercore® technology it prevents kinks and knots from stopping the flow of water, meaning that the often-daily task of keeping plants watered during the summer months becomes more of a pleasure than a chore.

copely garden hoses

Now supported with an audio-visual point-of-sale unit, this product is popping up in more and more garden centres across the UK. The latest units are available with 10” screen showing a demonstration and promotional video for the product, which you can also see here. Please call or email us for more details.

Evergreen is our standard ‘four seasons’ garden hose for the domestic market that meets the needs of most keen gardeners. Available in lengths of 15m to 75m, Evergreen can also be purchased as a set, that comes prepacked with nozzle and fittings.

Aquaflex is Copely’s signature professional irrigation hose and is trusted by many nurseries, garden centres and growers to reliably convey water to where it’s needed. The durability and longevity of such products is key to their function. They are often required to work continuously night and day, so any disruption to flow can be disastrous.

All Copely’s hose products are manufactured in Great Britain. This means you can rest assured that the people and processes involved in its manufacture work to an incredibly high standard.

We will be exhibiting our entire garden and irrigation hose range in Cheshire at the Four Oaks Trade Show, considered the ‘UK’s Premier Show for Ornamental Horticulture’. It is Copely’s first attendance at this event and we are very much looking forward to letting people see our range in person. You can find us in location C51.

Please contact our Sales Office, where someone will gladly arrange samples and literature for you, or even a visit from one of our Sales Representatives to your location and at your convenience.

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