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A Guide to Suction and Discharge Hoses

Copely has a dedicated production line for reinforced suction and discharge hoses, a product with a characteristic spiral design, which is both a practical and distinctive design feature of the product. Manufacturing here in the UK means that lead times are much shorter, plus you can rest assured that we maintain the highest standards in materials, quality and production methods. The following guide has been written to help you select the right suction and discharge hose for your specific project.

What Is a Suction and Discharge Hose?

Suction and discharge hoses (also known as suction and delivery hoses) are one of the largest hoses we manufacture in terms of diameter, usually made from a flexible PVC material and containing a PVC helix. The flexibility of these hoses can range from rigid to super flexible, depending on the application and durability needed.

delivery hose

These hoses operate under negative pressures, meaning they are able to draw water, slurries and various other types of substances from a static source, such as a tank or pool. They are resistant to a range of temperatures, depending on the hose, but are commonly designed to withstand vacuum rather than pressure, abrasion or heat. However, the PVC helix, found in a majority of suction hoses, helps to reduce crushing and kinking.

There are types of suction and discharge hoses that are more heavy-duty and designed to be more durable and resistant to factors such as abrasions, heat, chemicals and weather. An example being our External Spiral Suction Hose. A hose with an external PVC helix for added crush and abrasion resistance. This hose and types like it are better suited to more demanding applications.


A majority of suction and delivery hoses are multipurpose hoses, meaning that they can be used in various industries, for a number of applications.

Suction hoses are used in agriculture to dispense slurry, silage and animal waste, taken from the animal sheds, onto the fields in order to fertilise the soil. They are also used to deliver seeds, granules and other foods to livestock.

MDS Hose Sewage Application

These hoses are also used in the industrial and construction industries for the removal of dust, wood shavings and other small debris as well as for the transfer and conveyance of sewage, fuels, oils, light chemicals, water and other non-solvent based liquids.

Vehicular applications also benefit from these types of hose, as they can be used to carry fuels to and from tankers, aircraft, boats and other large vehicles. They can also be used to transfer oil and fuel for processing or, to and from, storage.

Suction and discharge hoses are also even used in the food industry, for the transportation of seeds, granules, beers, water, as well as other drinks and food substances.

They are even used in crisis situations like floods to suck up large amounts of water, helping to bring down flood levels. They are also used in fighting fires (mainly in the USA and Australia) by transporting water from a local fire hydrant or body of standing water such as a reservoir.


As mentioned, suction and delivery hoses are used for numerous applications across a range of industries. From agriculture, horticulture, construction, emergency, marine, transport, food and manufacturing.

Some hoses are better suited to certain industries than most. For example, clear transparent suction hoses are ideal for the food industry, as they allow for quick and easy inspection on production lines. The operator is able to see food material or particles directly through the hose, meaning that production doesn’t need to be stopped and manufacturing can continue. 

FDH Food Industry

Suction and delivery hoses are also an ideal fit for the industrial industry for the transfer of waters and liquids, to more specialist applications, such as fuel and oil transportation.

Suction hoses are also suitable for technical and more specialised industries, such as the marine industry, where suction and delivery hoses can be used for tankers within boats.


All of our suction and discharge hoses are manufactured from PVC. Hoses that are dismounted and handled so frequently as suction and discharge need to be lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable, which is why PVC is the ideal material to use as it benefits from all these features.

PVC is also a versatile material that can have a number of properties added to it, meaning that the finished hose can be designed to suit a number of different applications. A few properties that can be applied to suction and delivery hoses are:

  • Flexible – Hose made from a flexible PVC can be handled and stored with ease because they can be bent around storage hooks or hung across distances.
  • Super FlexibleSuper flexible PVC allows for extremely easy movement and handling, due to their superior flexibility.
  • Phthalate-Free – Phthalates are chemicals, primarily used on PVC hoses to make them more flexible and durable. It is a lingering chemical and so has a chance of passing onto whatever substance is being transferred through the hoses, because of this is it not REACH-approved. Phthalate-free hoses are ideal for industries were chemical-transfer should not happen, such as the food industry.
  • Oil-ResistanceOil resistant PVC is more resistant to damage from substances such as fuels and oils, making them ideal for vehicular applications, as well as the industrial and construction industries.
  • Odour-ResistanceOdour resistant PVC does not absorb odours, making it ideal for applications in areas where this is an important factor, such as the marina, boat and caravan industries, for sewage applications.
  • Food QualityFood quality PVC is approved and safe to use in the transfer and conveyance of seeds, granules, beers, water, and other food and beverage substances. It is phthalate-free, so there is almost no risk of chemical transfer.
  • Galvanised WireGalvanised wire is strong, rust-resistant and multipurpose. It is used as a substitute for a PVC helix for hoses that are transparent. It is food safe and is commonly used for the suction and delivery of water and other liquids.


When choosing the right suction hose for your application, it’s important to consider the right dimensions. Due to their versatility, suction and discharge hoses are available in a wide range of sizes.

The internal diameter of our hoses range from 19mm to 152mm, while the external diameter ranges from 25.6mm to 172.4mm.

When choosing the right diameter, it’s important to take into consideration factors such as the substance being conveyed and the volume. Suction and discharge hoses are able to convey both solid and liquid substances, and generally, solids will require a wider diameter than liquids. The volume will also affect the diameters needed. The higher the volume, the bigger the diameters should be.

If you need help working out the right diameter for your needs, we have handy interactive tables at the bottom of each product page. These tables allow you to work out the internal and external diameter, maximum working pressure, minimum burst pressure, weight per meter and bend radius.


It’s also important to consider what length of hose will be needed for the type of application in mind. For example, an agricultural application, such as one that involves fieldwork, would require a hose with more length, compared to a vehicular application which would only require a few metres.

A majority of our hoses are between 10m and 30m coils. The exception is our Industrial Layflat hoses, which are 100m in length with shorter lengths available upon request.


Suction hoses are usually lightweight for flexibility and ease of handling. However, the weight of each hose can vary, depending on the diameter and length.

Our hoses with the smallest diameters weigh as little as 0.33kg, while our hoses with the larger diameters only weigh up to 6.7kg.


Suction and discharge hoses are available in a wide range of colours, which can sometimes signify their main purpose. The main colours available from Copely include green, white, blue, grey, black and transparent.

copely suction hose colours gif

Green is the standard colour for suction and discharge hoses. A majority of our hoses are available in this colour, with the exception of just a few that are for more specialised applications.

For example, white is primarily used to signify a hose that is ideal for sanitation and cleanliness, while a blue hose is often used to signify a chemical, fuel or oil-resistant hose.

Different colours are also used to distinguish certain hoses apart from the others. For example, our Heavy-Duty Suction Hose is our only hose available in grey, while our Super Elastic Delivery Hose is the only one available in black. This is so it is easy to tell them apart from our standard green suction hoses. Likewise, different colours can also be used to tell apart the different standards of one product. For example, our Industrial Layflat hose is in Light Duty blue and Medium Duty Yellow.

Recently, we also introduced clear suction hoses to our range. Transparent hoses are ideal for applications where quality and inspection are key, making them ideal for industries such as the food industry.

Suction Hose Couplings

Along with our wide range of suction hoses, we’re also able to offer suction and discharge hose couplings. We have Camlock Couplings and Leverlock Couplings available.

Camlock couplings are most commonly used in industries as a means to avoid leakages. They also offer a quick, simple and economical way of re-connecting and disconnecting hoses.

Leverlock couplings are often used for the pumping and transfer of water in the construction, road maintenance and general irrigation industries. They also provide a quick and simple way to join many lengths of hose together.

We hope you have found this guide useful. We offer a wide range of suction and discharge hoses for a number of industries and applications, meaning that it’s easier than ever to find the right product for you. Please feel free to browse through our range of products, or if you have already found what you are looking for, you can contact a member of our friendly sales team for a free quote.