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Skipping Ahead with Unusual Applications

Copely is most recognised for its extensive range of hose and tube products, supplying many industries with high-quality solutions, manufactured right here in the UK.

However, not all the products Copely extrude are used for the conveyance of gasses, liquids or other materials, we also have the capability to manufacture a large array of rods and profiles. One of the more curious uses for the plastic rods supplied by Copely is something with which we are all familiar: skipping ropes or jump ropes.

nortech copely skipping rope case study

For many years now, Copely has been supplying extruded plastic rods in a wide variety of colours to the UK’s leading manufacturer of skipping ropes, Nortech. Based in Wimborne, Dorset, the husband and wife team have been successfully selling their extensive range of skipping ropes into the leisure and education markets for over two decades.

The use of skipping ropes goes as far back as ancient Egypt, used as a device for both recreation and exercise. Certain things just don’t go out of fashion, and skipping ropes are as popular today as ever. You’ll find them the world over in schools, gyms or in the home.

As an activity, skipping has also been proven to be highly effective for people of any age, but in particular children. It quickly raises the heart rate, which if done regularly helps promote good heart health. This is one of the reasons why Nortech has had such success in partnering with the British Heart Foundation.

Nortech offer a wide range of skipping rope types, from those aimed at those just starting out, to the professional sportsperson. With over 7 different product variants available, they have something for everyone.

There is also a handy size guide on their website – which is ideal if you are new to skipping as an activity.

Nortech are self-confessed ‘jump rope boffins’ and they really are the experts when it comes to skipping ropes. Copely is proud to partner with this well-respected brand, producing high-quality finished products, made and distributed here in the UK.

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