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A comprehensive range of watering solutions

Copely Developments has been producing garden hose for the retail sector for many years, and is recognised as a trusted UK-based manufacturer of both quality watering and irrigation products. We are proud to release a comprehensive range of products for the coming season. Copely’s gardening product range took a leap forward in 2015 with the

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NEW Colour-Changing Smart Hose

Copely’s R&D team has spent the last 18 months developing a brand new solution to add to its already extensive range of hose and tube products. Today we’re pleased to reveal Thermocon, the next in a long line of extruded solutions uniquely designed and developed to make the every day tasks easier and safer. Using

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Brexit and the price of PVC

The majority of hose and tube products made each month by Copely are created using polyvinyl chloride, more widely known as PVC. As a material it is in fact the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer globally, after PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene). PVC has become the material of choice in hoses and many

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Factory Facelift for Copely

Copely Developments has operated out of its current facility in Thurmaston for 43 years. In fact, we took ownership of the factory in 2016 with the freehold purchase of the building and surrounding site. Following the acquisition of Copely Developments by COBA International in 2010, we have seen our clients’ needs develop and our product portfolio expand;