Layflat Hose – New Stock Available!

Layflat Hose
Industrial Layflat Hose

We are proud to announce new stock availability of our industrial layflat hose. We now stock from sizes 1″ up to 6″ in both light duty and medium duty.
This compact reinforced hose is perfect for drainage, water supply, irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Our new Layflat Datasheet includes all technical information.

Layflat hose examples of leisure and industrial

LH & LHM Series

Light Duty, Blue Layflat – LH series

It is a general purpose hose and is especially suitable for drainage of locations with
relatively small differences in elevation; for temporary water supply: for sprinkler
irrigation or due to its resistance to most chemicals, for spreading liquid fertilizers
and agricultural chemicals.

Colour: Blue. Operating temperature -20oc / +60oc .

Medium Duty, Yellow Layflat – LHM series

Medium pressure, flat hose made of plasticized PVC and reinforced with polyester
yarns. For conveyance of water, other liquids or fertilisers. Also suitable for irrigation
systems, sprinklers and water supply.

Colour: Yellow. Operating temperature -20oc / +60oc .

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