Copely Product Datasheets

CR Series

Glass Clear Reinforced PVC

Clear Unreinforced PVC Hose

PVK Series

PVK Glass Clear PVC Hose

SA Series

Super Air 20

PHR Series

Aquavend Reinforced PVC

PH Series

Aquavend Unreinforced

PHR and EC Series

Flexible Dual Containment Hose

ESD Series

Flexible ESD Anti-Static Hose

BRN Series

Anti-Static PVC Medical Gas Hose

GPA Series

GPA Universal

FRH Series

First Aid Fire Hose

GPD Series

Gravity Feed Hose

GPW Series

Fluted Water Hose

CPR Series

Polyurethane Reinforced Hose

CPU Series

Pneumatic Polyurethane Tube

CPC Series

Polyurethane Compact Coils

GHY Series

Reinforced Water Hose

LH and LHM Series

Industrial Lay Flat Hose

LGH Series

Evergreen Reinforced Garden Hose

AQF Series


AQFP Series

Aquaflex Proflow

CX Series

Multi-Purpose Reinforced PVC Hose

CXL Series

Air-Cord Ultra Flexible Air Hose

NMFS Series

Superflex Nylon

NLF NMF Series

Metric Nylon Tubing

NMF Series

Nylon Tubing Flexible – Imperial Sizes

AVAC Series

Articulated Vehicle Brake Coils

EC Series

Compact Preformed Airline Coils

EPS Series

Paint & Fluid Hose

CXL Series

Multipurpose PU Lined Hose

DH Series

Delivery Hose

DHE Series

Super Elastic Delivery Hose

FDH Series

Food Grade Delivery Hose

HDS Series

Heavy Duty Suction Hose

FOS Series

Oil Resistant Delivery Hose

MDS Series

Medium Duty Suction Hose

MDSL Series

Lightweight Medium Duty Suction Hose

MSH Series

Sanitation Hose

XSH Series

External Spiral Suction Hose

RAH Series

Rubber Air Hose

RWH Hose

Rubber Water Hose