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Copely has for over 50 years been at the forefront of the thermoplastic hose and tube manufacturing industry, enjoying recognition throughout the world as a market leader.

During this time, Copely has established an enviable reputation for innovation in terms of both product design and associated process equipment, setting the global standard for high-quality hose and tube manufacture.

In 2010, Copely became part of the dynamic and successful COBA International Group, marking another exciting chapter for our company, our customers and our employees. As a result, Copely now has even greater technical and logistical resources to support our design, manufacturing, technology and supply capabilities.

In August 2013, Copely acquired the trade and assets of Emplas Limited and have now combined the two businesses. For over 30 years Emplas has produced quality UK made garden hose products to major retail groups along with precision PVC profiles for all manner of applications. The synergy of the two businesses allows Copely to offer a much wider product range to all of our customers.

Copely Shopfloor
Copely Shopfloor

The team at Copely have total commitment to quality and aim to deliver excellent customer care with complete reliability of supply.  We are confident that within our extensive range of hose, tube and profiles there is a high quality, cost-effective and reliable solution for most applications.

Should an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution not be available, we will always be happy to discuss new products or a custom solution.  During product development, our experienced and dedicated project management team work closely with customers and material suppliers to ensure a quality product is delivered within agreed timescales.

Copely’s flair for innovation and the trust built up over fifty years has galvanised many successful European and international alliances. It has also brought with it many unique, very often pioneering, products into the marketplace.

By working in partnership with our customers and suppliers Copely will continue to move forward and supply quality and diverse products to an expanding customer base, both inside and outside of the UK.  Through the development and customisation of our products we will strive to deliver solutions to customer problems and continue our success into the future.

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