PVC Nitrile Air Compressor Hose

GPA Series

GPA Universal is the cost-effective, high-performance TPE alternative to rubber hosing. While looking and feeling like rubber, it has many advantages including a longer lifespan. Manufactured from a hard wearing PVC Nitrile blend, this ergonomically-friendly super-flexible product is a real winner in many industrial environments.

  • A universal performer suitable for conveying many chemicals, solvents, fuels, oils, greases, compressed air and water.
  • PVC Nitrile blend gives good abrasion and ageing resistance – superior to rubber.
  • Clean, flexible and user-friendly.
  • Reduced plasticizer migration.
  • High visibility triple stripe.
  • Excellent resistance to UV / Ozone.
  • Silicone and Cadmium free.
  • Fire retardancy Rating – CO1 25% Oxygen.
  • Service Temperature – 15°C to + 60°C.
  • 3:1 safety factor.
  • Available in 30m coils
  • 6mm-25mm ID
  • Black with triple yellow stripe with CD approved quality logo.
  • Custom sizes and lengths available on request subject to minimum order quantity.
  • Black / Yellow (6mm-10mm)
  • Yellow (12mm-25mm)
  • Popular for general workshop environments for compressed air tools (medium to heavy duty) and spray guns.
  • Construction industry use such as road breakers.
  • General industrial – oil, grease solvents, air and water applications.
GPA Universal Hose


Product refGPA06GPA08GPA10GPA13GPA19GPA25
Ex Stock 30m roll
Nominal size6.0 x 14mm8 x 16mm10 x 18mm13 x 22mm19 x 29mm25 x 37mmm
Internal diameter6.3 ± 0.25mm8.0 ± 0.25mm10.0 ± 0.25mm13.0 ± 0.25mm19.0 ± 0.25mm25.0 ± 0.25mm
External diameter14.0 ± 0.30mm16.0 ± 0.30mm18.0 ± 0.30mm22.0 ± 0.30mm29.0 ± 0.50mm37.0 ± 0.50mm
Length ToleranceBS EN ISO 1307 (± 1%)
Maximum Working Pressure20 Bar20 Bar20 Bar20 Bar20 Bar20 Bar
Minimum Burst Pressure60 Bar60 Bar60 Bar60 Bar60 Bar60 Bar
Bend radius30mm40mm55mm85mm170mm260mm
Working Temperature– 30°C to + 60°C
MaterialFlexible PVC
Material SoftnessBSS45 FDA Approved
FlammabilitySelf Extinguishing
Weight per metre0.187Kg0.222Kg0.259Kg0.368Kg0.530Kg0.848Kg
Coil Weight5.60Kg6.67Kg7.77Kg11.05Kg15.90Kg/td>25.43Kg
PackagingStrapex Ties and Shrinkwrap
Applicable StandardsBS EN ISO 5774 (Plastic hoses. Textile-reinforced types for compressed-air applications.)